Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Advice from my 1st graders!

For my baby shower at Montgomery Elementary, the teachers put together a book of letters that my 1st graders wrote about advice they'd like to give about being a parent. Spelling is as the kids wrote it! =)

Dear Mrs. Chou, there are a few things to do for Mia. If she has a stinkey, change her diaper. When you are crossing the street hold her and or hold her. If she is stintkey, wash her in the sink.

Dear Ms. Chou, thes are somethings you have to do with the Baby. You have to change her, take her to the doctre, change her diaper, feed her baby food, sing her lalibis, gave her baths, watch her, and most importen...Love her!!

Dear Ms. Chou, this is some Advice for you. Always keep watch of the baby because my mom toled me that one time a bayby walked in the steet when the mom wasn't lookin three cars crask into the baby. Keep an eye out for her, wash her in the sink, go to the doter once a moth, sing lalays, chang dippers, thech baby to walk, play.

Mrs. Chou, you shoud awals look out for your babby. If the babby sleeps during the day and is a wake during the day Put a cold rag on them. Take her to the docher change thre dipers. Was that good adeivce?

Dear Mrs. Chou, these things are what you need to go. Go to the hospital and they will open your stumeck. And watch the baby while you're eating a snack or lunch, and when the baby cries give it mild. And when the baby wants to stop play picabook and sometimes help the baby walk and put the baby in a pouch. P.S. at night times sing a lullaby.

My advice for you: Wach the baby, love the baby, buy toys for her, take her to the dok, and don't forget to feed the baby! P.S. babys don't like green beans. XOXOXO

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