Wednesday, April 14, 2010

9 month stats!

Isn't she the cutest thing alive??!! We went in for our 9 month appointment today and I was so excited because I thought we didn't have to do any shots, but forgetful mommy forgot to schedule her booster shots after her last flu shots so she had to get those today. She was not happy about it. She also got her first eye exam. They put wires on her (ok...I totally forget the medical word. I'm the worst doctor's wife!) and then put a patch on one eye and they made her look at a screen that flashed different pictures. The nurse said that most kids cry, but Mia just danced to the music the whole time. She's got some serious rhythm!

Here are her stats and things she likes to do now...I'm so sad that she's growing up so fast!
-Weight: 18 pounds 12 ounces (50th Percentile)
-Height: 28.5 inches (82nd percentile)
-Head circumference: 17.1 (36th percentile) still small just like her daddy's head =)

-Dashes around the whole house crawling!
-Stands up and pulls up on EVERYTHING! She had pulled herself up using the trashcan and was digging through the trash today while I was unloading the laundry.
-Starting to push her car walker around
-LOVES playing with the springy things behind doors
-Babbles all day and all night (yes, she's been waking up in the middle of the night to babble and stand in her crib)
-DANCES to all music especially things with a beat. At music class the teacher put on "all the single ladies" and she was not only moving her body, but dipping her shoulders from side to side! She definitely does not get that rhythm thing from her parents.
-When we take away something she's playing because she's not supposed to have it or if we move her somewhere, she sits and collapses her whole body and throws a mini tantrum.
-Eats everything!! She's tooo quick and has the best fine motor skills. Here are some of the non edible things we know that she's consumed (we watch her like a hawk and vacuum constantly, but she's too quick!) dustballs, sand, grass, leaves, a piece of green onion that fell on the floor when I was cooking (her breath smelled like onion!), pieces of paper and receipts, lint, pieces of tissues.
-loves to laugh, smile.
-sings along with music (she just goes ahhhhhhhhhhh)
-Bangs on her high chair tray if I don't give her more food or if i'm preparing it too slowly.

My little baby is growing up too fast!

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