Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 11 months, Baby Mia!!!

Well, I guess she's not a baby anymore! She's 11 months old today!! Some times I find myself becoming a little bit sad about the fact that she's growing up so fast and becoming so independent. Jeremy and I talk constantly about the fact that our love for her just grows and grows everyday. Everyday her beautiful and humorous personality shines and we can't help but smile and laugh all throughout the day.

Here are some new and exciting things about this amazing little girl:
-Stands all by herself and has been taking 1-2 steps here an there.
-LOVES her stuffed animals...she smothers them with her kisses!
-Her favorite activity is taking things out: taking daddy's socks out of his sock drawer, taking ALL 100 ziplock bags out of the box, taking all the books out of the basket. She does know how to put things back yet. We clearly know where she's been in the house by the piles she leaves.
-Starting to vocalize words. She bangs her highchair table and yells "MO!MO!MO!" when she obviously wants more food.
-Loves to sit on the counter and brush her teeth!
-LOVES to read books. She'll pull a book towards me and backwards park her cute little behind into my nap so that I can read her the SAME book over and over again.
-Loves looking at pictures of animals. I think we're going to have to get her a dog. She LOVES animals and she squeals whenever she sees one.

There are many more quirky things she does, but we can't believe how fast she's growing and how amazing she is!

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  1. It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year! Hope you guys are doing well!!!