Sunday, November 1, 2009

New things Mia is doing!

Here are some new, exciting, and adorable things that Baby Mia is doing...she'll be in 4 months in 2 weeks!

-She blows bubbles. With her new puckery smile, we call her our bubble blowing goldfish! =)
-Tries to hold her own bottle while Mommy is trying to feed her
-Holds her head up very high and does a mini-pushup
-Babbles when she's tired and right before she goes to sleep
-Tries to stand
-Squeals at her reflection in the mirror
-Laughs when mommy and daddy nuzzles her face
-Holds her own toys! Her new thing is a pacifer called a Wubbanub, which is a pacifier attached to a stuffed animal. Since she can't hold a pacifier with her mouth, when she holds the stuffed animal, she can kinda keep the pacifier in her mouth (Auntie Linda got them for her!! Thanks!)
-DROOLS like crazy (we go through 4-5 bibs a day!!)
-Intertwines her fingers together so it looks like she's sitting in her carseat praying! =)
-Kicks off her shoes...Mommy can't keep shoes on her feet!

-No rolling yet, but it'll come soon. She didn't get to do tummy time for a few weeks after her surgery.

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