Monday, December 14, 2009

To grandmother's house we go...

Sorry for the lack of updates!! We have been in Virginia visiting family for the past month! We were only going to stay through Thanksgiving, but Jeremy's schedule was so crazy and he's studying for his boards, we thought that it might help Jeremy to have a quiet house to get some sleep and study.

Mia is completely and utterly spoiled here everyday and has everyone wrapped around her chubby little fingers!! The time here has also given her poor sleep deprived mom time to rest and even go out and see some friends! Before coming to VA, Mia was waking up EVERY hour during the night because she was not able to get back on a schedule after her surgery. This was sleep deprivation like we had never experienced before. The 3rd night we were here, grandma took over at night and since then she's been sleeping wonderfully!! =)

I can't believe how much Mia has grown! She started eating solids and absolutely LOVES avocados. Since her palate is not closed, we do get the occasional green chunks flying out of her nose when she sneezes. She loves washing everything down with milk in her sippy cup. She's recently learned to chuck her sippy cup across the table when she's done!

Although she cannot roll yet, she can sit all by herself...Jeremy says that Mia won't roll simply because she knows how obsessed I am with getting her to roll!

We'll post pics on here very soon! Mia's next surgery will be her palate surgery on January 11th...

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