Monday, March 8, 2010

MUST have baby Items!!!

I was reading a blog today and it stated these ten things that you don't need:
1. Diaper Pail
2. Glider
3. Changing Table
4.Crib Bedding Set
5. Nursery Paint and Decor
6. Monitor
7. Diaper Stacker and Diaper Warmer
8. Bassinet
9. Brand New Layette
10. Toys

I agree with some of these things, but totally disagree with others.
Here's my list of things we couldn't live without!
1. Diaper pail!!! Have you smelled what solid food poop smells like?!! I love my daughter more than anything in this world, but the smell of that makes me gag! We LOVE the diaper champ because you don't have to open a lid and you can use normal trash bags without having to buy special bags like you do for the diaper genie.

2. Boppy Pillow: I used it for feeding Mia, she slept in it for a while because she had mild reflux and it elevated her head, and when she was learning to sit, it helped to prop her up. A total MUST!

3. Changing table: Have you tried lifting a 18 pound baby from the floor? I can't imagine the blowouts that would have stained other surfaces if we didn't having a changing table! I think it's a great idea to use a dresser with a changing pad on top. Whatever it's so much easier changing them on a higher surface than on the ground!

4. Monitor: We have a small condo, but I still want to know when she wakes up...When Mia wakes up in the morning, she quietly coos and plays in her crib. Being the deep sleeper I am, that poor baby would be in her crib forever if I didn't have a monitor!

5. Baby Bathtub: I know some people think that they can just wash their babies in the sink or in the bathtub, but I feel like that's just not safe. Mia loves to lounge, put her feet up on the side of the tub and enjoy her bath. She likes to sit up and splash around. We have the euro tub and we LOVE it. It has a side where she can lay down and a side where you can sit up.

6. Glider or Rocking Chair: We have a huge comfy and trendy looking rocking chair that I got an AWESOME deal on. That's where I feed Mia every night and read her her bible stories and books before bedtime. That's where I rock her and hold her when she's having a bad night. So many memories are made in that chair...

7. MIRACLE BLANKET!!! I can't repeat this enough! GOOO GET ONE! Mia got to a point around 4 weeks old when she would bust out of her normal swaddles and for a while this was ok because she liked to sleep with her hands by her face. After a while her hands would startle her and wake her up CONSTANTLY. This made for difficult sleepless nights. I got the miracle blanket and at first she HATED it, but after a few times she started to calm down when she saw the blanket. It really helped her sleep. She used it after her first surgery and we didn't having to use her arm restraints when she was sleeping.

8. Shoulder Sling & Sleepy wrap: Mia loved being close and being held. She was a pretty sleep deprived and fussy baby. For the first 3 months she lived in the shoulder sling that my friend Min got me and when she outgrew that, I used the sleepy wrap. This is how she napped, how I got house work done, and what we used to calm her when she was out and about.

9. Breast Pump: I have a love hate relationship with my pump...I love it because it has sustained Mia for the past 8 months of her life, but I hate it because I am completely attached to it. I used to pump every 3 hours around the clock!! Can you imagine?!!! I've pumped in church parking lots, in the car, at friend's houses, at the hospital during Mia's surgeries. I'm proud that I've made it 8 months...only 4 more months to go to meet my goal of breastfeeding her for a year!

10. A hip trendy diaper bag! I know...You'd be appalled if you heard what I spent on my diaper bag, but I love it. It's by purse, it's my carry-all. For the time that I have small children, this will be the bag I carry everyday so I felt like it was an investment. I wanted something I loved. I have a Mia Bossi bag and I adore it!

11. Halo Sleep Sacks: The Fleece ones are amazing and warm. I put Mia in a sleeper and zip her up. I don't have to worry about a blanket getting tangled around her. Although she now loves to sleep with a soft blanket by her face. She scrunches her blanky with her hands and holds it by her face.

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