Monday, March 1, 2010

Teething Woes...

Teething has started...Well, it actually started a while ago, but we had no idea. I guess I can kiss good-bye to Mia sleeping through the night! For the past week, Mia was sleeping from 6:30pm-6:30 am straight...

We visited the plastic surgeon for a follow-up to her palate surgery and when he looked in her mouth, he surprisingly informed us that Mia had a big old tooth! Most kids get their first tooth on the bottom, but our little Mia has a canine tooth to the left of her cleft!

Today she woke up with a mild fever and has been cranky and clingy all day. As soon as her feet touch her playmat or her jumperoo she starts to cry because she just wants to be held. She's become so active and independent that when she lays her head on my shoulder quietly playing with my hair, I know she's REALLY not feeling well. She hasn't been feeding really well too and is refusing her favorite gerber puffs and avocado pieces...She cries when the bottle goes in her mouth.

I hope this is teething and not something else...We'll see.

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