Thursday, February 19, 2009

Boy or girl???

Jeremy and I just had our very first official ultrasound at the doctor's office.

My unofficial ultrasoundw as at 9 weeks. I was very upset to find out that my doctor didn't do a first trimester ultrasound, so Jeremy called me up from work one Saturday morning as he was working at Grady Hospital's ER.

"Hey, what you doing?" (Jeremy)

"Nothing much." (me)

"If you bring me and my attending lunch, I'll do an ultrasound on you! It's kinda slow today in the ER" (Jeremy)

"OK! I'm getting my keys right now!" (me)

I was laid down on an ER bed and Jeremy and I actually saw our 9 week baby for the first time. As we went to print the picture, he got a call for a trauma coming in so I promptly left so that he could actually work!

IT'S A GIRL!!!! Jeremy and I actually really thought we were having a boy. Our apologies to our daughter, but we had been calling her a boy's name for the past 5 months!

Here are the pics:

The top picture supposedly shows us that she is a girl. Jeremy didn't see any boy parts and the tech was pretty sure she is a girl. Our doctor said the tech hasn't been wrong in the 6 years she has worked with her. In the bottom picture you can see her full face! Her one arm is by her head and the other one is near her mouth.
It was absolutely amazing! She was turning, kicking, punching, and we even got to see a full body profile of her with her spine and her little legs tucked in her.
As I type, she is kicking me right now!


  1. congrats!!! ahhh, the irony. you guys are going to have a beautiful, beautiful girl and jeremy is going to have to deal with the wonderful teen years with 100 guys calling your house! got any names picked out?