Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mia's Lip Surgery

Our baby Mia has quite the personality. She's generally a very easy going baby, but boy does she get feisty when she doesn't get what she wants!! When she's hungry, she turns into a monster!! She grunts and screams until a bottle is in her mouth! When falling asleep, she wants to be held and the person holding her MUST be standing and walking around. If I sit while holding her, she will kick her legs until I stand up. Here's a picture of our sweet, but feisty baby!

Mia's lip surgery has been scheduled for October 12th. The surgery will be about an hour and half and while they are doing the lip surgery, the ENT doctor will also be putting tubes in her ears because she has fluid there right now. We will be spending the night there and will be able to go home when Mia is able to show that she is able to feed. Hopefully the recovery won't be too painful for her.

We're excited for Mia and this surgery, but at the same time, as strange as it may sound, we're going to miss her cleft lip. That's the way that we've known her and that's the way that she was born. We don't see it as something that needed to be "fixed", but we know that in the long run, the surgery is what is best for her.

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