Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No more orange boogers!! Palate surgery...

Mia is almost 6 months!! Time flies! My little cuddly girl who lived in my baby sling is now a big independent 6 month old who always wants to be sitting, playing and sleeping by herself. Even when I try to cuddle her, she tries to inch away...=(

At her ENT appointment last week, she weighed in at 17 lbs. and 8 ounces!!! (Well, she was fully dressed and had a full diaper!) We're also happy to report that her ear are fluid free and she has passed all her hearing tests after having her tubes put in! YAY!

Our palate surgery will taking place on Monday, January 11th. Of course, I'm a total wreck this week. I can't help but be worried after all the complication we had at her last surgery, but it's comforting to know that hardships pass...All we can do is pray and know that everything is really out of our hands.

Good news is that Mia will no longer have green and orange spewing out of her nose...=)

We've had quite the adventure with solid foods! Although Mia LOVES avocados and sweet potatoes, she was not a happy camper when they were stuck in her nose! Because her palate is not closed, food often goes through her nasal cavity and out through her nose. We would all have to run and duck for cover when we knew she was going to sneeze while eating...=) I have many shirts that have been stained by sweet potatoes.

We fall more and more in love with our little girl everyday. She continually amazes us with her bright spirit and her spunky personality. We'll hopefully be hearing her first babbling words after her surgery...hmm...should we take bets...will she be saying "mama" first or "dada"?

Please keep Mia in your prayers...We're hoping to keep her healthy before her surgery and praying for a healthy, quick, infection-free recovery!

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