Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 2 post-surgery

We thought we would be able to go home, but we're waiting till about 3pm and one more feeding to see if Mia will eat more. If she is able to eat more we can go home!!!

YES!!! We have poopy diapers! Poor Mia has been backed up since Friday and has been sending everyone running with her stinky farts!

We can definitely tell when the tylenol with codeine is running low in her system, but Mia doesn't seem as sleepy and dazed anymore. We've been taking walks in the hallways and she's back to her curious self. She's twisting and turning around to see all the thing that are going on as we walk around. We can hear her starting to coo again!

Thank you everyone for your continual thoughts and prayers...hopefully our next update will be from home!

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