Saturday, October 17, 2009

Possible Infection...

Mia's wounds and stitches had been healing up nicely, but yesterday, the area under her nose and around her mouth started to become red. This morning as Jeremy was cleaning her lip and applying her ointment, he noticed that the left side of her lip where the stitches were was starting to pus. Thank goodness Jeremy was home and noticed this. Immediately worry and panic started to set in. We called the doctor right away and though Mia doesn't have a fever, they started us on a stronger antibiotic and ointment to make sure that it didn't turn into MRSA.

It's been an overwhelming and hard week...We were starting to get so excited that her feeding was getting better...If she doesn't show signs of improving by Monday then we need to make another appointment with the plastic surgeon which may involve removing stitches or another procedure. If she starts to have a fever then we were told to take her to the emergency room.

In the midst of everything we know that we need to just keep on praying and know that God is the creator of Mia's body and the healer. Please continue to keep our baby in your prayers!!!

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