Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pre-Operation appointment...

This Tuesday, Mia went in for her pre-op appointment. I've been a nervous wreck about her surgery...they explained that they will be bring the three parts of her lip together and will be bringing the spaces in her gums together. They told us that her nose will probably flatten a little bit because the distance from her lip and her nose is so short and the height of her nose is low. She may need to get some plastic surgery done on her nose before going to school around age 4-5. Of course, I had a meltdown about that because that's just another surgery that we were hoping Mia wouldn't have to have.

My major worries about the surgery: Mia having to go under anesthesia, her recovery, the pain she may have afterwards, her feeding, and how to comfort her after the surgery. She has discovered her hand in the past few weeks and absolutely loves sucking on her 2 fingers. She also loves sleeping on our chest and will often rub her face into our chest when she gets tired. She won't be able to do those things after the surgery and will have to wear arm restraints for the first week after her surgery.

Mia's palate surgery has been scheduled for mid-January as well.

As a parent, it's so hard thinking about our little baby having to go through so much...but in the end we know that it's what is best for Mia. Please continue to keep Mia in your prayers and we'll update as much as we can! I'll post some adorable pictures of Mia with her hands stuffed in her face!

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  1. Hang in there! You know it's the right thing for Mia and you have to trust and pray the doctors complete what Mia needs with as few surgeries as possible! Zack had eye surgery at 10 months and again at 3 1/2 and both times it was hard to hand him over to the doctors. I will be praying for Mia and you too on that day. :) Heather