Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 3 Post-op

Every morning I wake up sooo excited to see my daughter! She's absolutely amazing and I can't believe what a trooper and fighter she is. I remember coming home from the hospital and whining about the pain and recovery and being completely out of commission for a week...but only after a few days, she's starting to heal and show signs of being the spunky baby we know!

Though feeding is still a worry...she's doing much better!!! Her new thing is grabbing hold of EVERYTHING in sight so yesterday when grandma was trying to feed her with the syringe, she grabbed it and tried to stick it in and out of her own mouth!!! She held on to it sooo tight we had to pry it out of her hands. =)

She still on pain meds, but seems to be able to go 6-8 hours on just 1ml. now. So hopefully by today or tomorrow we can move to just occasional doses of regular tylenol.

Today she started to smile! At first it was just smiling with her eyes and cheeks, but yesterday when she was looking in the mirror and playing with her daddy, she used her new mouth to smile as well.

The swelling should go down in the next 2-4 weeks so we're excited to have our post-op meeting with Dr. Burstein in 2 weeks to see how he thinks she's doing.

Thanks everyone for your love and support. Jeremy and I are blown away by everyone who has called, emailed, facebooked and shown love and concern for our precious baby.

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