Monday, October 12, 2009

Surgery Day

Thank you everyone for loving Mia and for all the prayers that you have been sending her way! She is truly blessed to be surrounded by love during this hard time!!

Last night was amazing...our fears of Mia having to go 9 hours without feeding turned out to be fine. We woke her up for her last feeding at 11:30 pm and after she fell right asleep until 5:oo am. We then gave her some apple juice and pedialite to keep her hydrated. Mia slept on the ride to the hospital and in my sling when we got to the hospital. Our smiling and rested baby was taken to surgery. Though it was emotional seeing her go, we knew that she was in great hands.

After 15 minutes, her ENT doctor came in to tell us that her ear tubes were already in and that the plastic surgeon was starting his leg of the surgery. Dr. Burstein took about an hour and 15 minutes and came to tell us that her surgery had gone well and that she was in recovery. We were then taken to the recovery room to meet Mia.

Our beautiful, but pained Mia met us with a new mouth. My first thought was that we missed her cleft smile...Her face is still so swollen and full of stitches and it's hard to tell what her new smile will look like, but she's adorable already!

Our strong girl had her IV put into her leg after she was put to sleep, but afterwards, while she was mad and in pain, she used the heel of her other leg to kick of her IV. We watched in tears as the nurse had to repeatedly stick her trying to find another vein. She was so full of fluids that it was hard to find another her chunky arms and legs made it hard to find a vein. They had to bring in an ultrasound machine to find and vein and then reinforce it to her leg with a whole roll of tape!!!

Mia seems hungry, but is not yet taking a bottle...we're trying to feed her with her bottle and with a syringe.

Though she's being given morphine, and tylenol with codeine, she still cries in pain and has not slept at all! She closes her eyes and then is immediately woken up by every sound she hears.

Thank God for her miracle blanket so that we can swaddle her and not put her in arm restraints.

We're looking forward to having our smiley and active Mia back. Though the next few weeks will be hard for Mia, we know that she will be back to her self soon!

We'll post pictures soon!

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