Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finally rolling over!!!

Mia has been doing great!! Her eating is back to normal and when she eats, it's amazing to hear the sucking sounds she makes when she eats now. I think we may try to use some regular nipples after she's all healed. I know it may be a bit late to be introducing her to a totally new bottle now, but I feel like it'd be great to build suction to help with her speech development. Her palate looks amazing! It looks like a fully developed palate. She still has white stitches that have yet to dissolve, but it looks amazing! It's a wonder what doctors can do these days!

So...Mia is finally rolling over. Problem: I've never actually seen her in the act. Our little Mia is a sly little one. I've been COMPLETELY obsessing over her rolling since she was 4 months old. No matter what I tried, she refused to roll. She'd get sooo close then not go through all the way. She's been sitting up since she was 4.5 months so I know that there are some things that she's way ahead in, but rolling was something that looked like it would never happened. Everyone assured me that it's normal and that some kids just never roll and they just skip to sitting and crawling.

Yesterday, while Mia was napping, I all the sudden heard a frantic cry! I walked into her room and from the door of her room, I saw a foot sticking up. How can this be possible? Mia sleeps on her tummy. When I looked in her crib, she was sideways in her crib belly up!!! She was so surprised, she woke herself up from her nap and was crying! I was laughing so hard!

However, this is not so fun. She flipped over in the middle of the night and during today's nap and keeps waking up! Hopefully, she'll learn to roll herself back. She looks like a turtle that has been flipped on it's shell!

Too bad I've never seen her do this and she refuses to do it when I place her on the floor!

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