Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's good to be home!!

We're back at home! Mia was drinking about an average of 2 ounces every 2 hours and was able to take oral pain meds so they let us go home! We won't have minded staying there another day if Mia needed the morphine, but it's hard being in a crapped hospital room. It makes me really thankful that we were able to leave so soon. There are many kids on the surgical floor who are there for weeks at a time.

Mia tries to suck her bottle because she's hungry, but ends up crying because it still hurts. We are just squeezing milk into her mouth and she swallows. She's definitely handling the pain meds better than she was at 3 months. She tries to play and coo and is taking 2 hour naps in between. She has been kind of maintaining her normal schedule.

Mia is definitely a fighter!! Our surgeon said that he wants to do another surgery in about 9 months to touch up her lip and some of the scarring under her nose...I guess we just have to take things step by step!

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  1. Praying daily for you, Jeremy, and your adorable little one. Hang in there, guys!

    love from Charlottesville.