Monday, January 11, 2010

Out of Surgery...Houdini!

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers!

Mia is now out of her palate surgery and in the recovery room. Jeremy is holding her right now as she rests. Mia went into surgery around 10am and came out around noon. Dr. Burstein told us that everything well very well! They basically closed her soft palate and the muscles towards the back of her mouth. Her breathing is a little bit labored because she has to get used to breathing with a closed palate and because things are a little swollen, but she's doing well.

Mia has officially been dubbed as "Houdini" by the hospital staff because she once again attempted to escape from her IV that was placed into her right ankle. Last surgery we had major problems because she had kicked out her IV and wasn't able to get pain meds for the first 4-5 hours post- surgery. When meeting with the doctor beforehand, we had warned them about securing the IV and taping it really well so that she didn't kick it out. This time she almost did it again!! She tried to wiggle her toe into the place where they inserted her IV and almost succeeded in kicking it off. Everyone is on high alert to always check Mia's IV line...=)

Mia is receiving morphine every 2 hours and if her pain management and intake of fluids is good we can go home tomorrow, but we're in no hurry to go home...we want to make sure that she's comfortable and able to manage the pain on oral pain meds.

We'll continue to keep you guys updated!!

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