Saturday, January 9, 2010


Mia's new thing is waking up in the middle of the night to just talk and play. She hasn't been waking up crying, but I'll hear her through the monitor or from the living room. If I leave her alone sometimes she'll fall back asleep and sometimes she'll realize that she's hungry after being up and playing for 30 minutes.

I just finished feeding her and am out in the living room. I know I should be sleeping, but I can't help but be nervous about Monday morning. My sweet sunshiney girl has no idea that Monday is going to be a pretty hard day for her.

The timeline for palate surgeries varies greatly from surgeon to surgeon. We've heard of some doctors who won't do surgeries until a child is off the bottle and able to drink out of a cup so that a bottle will not hinder the healing process of the palate. Our surgeon believes that earlier is better so that speech development will not be affected. Mia coos, screeches, and even growls all day, but has yet to babble (dada, mama, baba) probably because her palate is still open. Hopefully, her speech will start to really take off after her surgery. We're just hoping for the best.

Even before Mia was born, I had always wanted to teach my children baby sign. Just in case Mia has a speech delay, we've started baby sign with her. Right now we're just doing things like more, milk, all done, bath (her FAVORITE time of the day!) and although she's too young to sign back, I think she's starting to recognize some signs. She starts waving her arms and legs when I do the sign for milk! =)

Please pray for a speedy recovery that is infection free! We may be in the hospital a night or even two nights depending on Mia's feeding and pain management. Feeding was rough last surgery for about a week especially since she refused to take the bottle and the pain meds were an appetite suppressant. We're hoping that fistulas (holes in the palate) do not develop so that we won't have to have further surgeries on her palate.

Thanks for your prayers and support! Hopefully, Mia will be out and about for play dates soon! We can't wait to recover and start music classes soon too!! =)

Here's our beautiful Mia giggling...(too bad it's not in HD, it was taken from our camera not our video camera)

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